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Direct Connection to your TCS :

Connects to the AllTorque TCS you already know and love.
Mission Critical Calibrations :

Operate with maximum accuracy.
Reduce Damage to Drill Pipe :

Mitigate over-torque with fully calibrated equipment.

Critical Calibration :
Correct makeup of up drilling connections is critical to extending the life-span of a drill string and mitigates costly “twist off” or “back off” occurrences while drilling. The complexity of hydraulically powered tong or makeup equipment which relies on pressure gauges is not accurate indefinitely and requires regular calibration to maintain reliability.





Learn How AllTorque Works!

WEIPU Quick Connectors

PC: Microsoft Surface Pro

Power: 110 -220 VAC Input Lithium ion with built in battery backup

Sampling Frequency: 30,000 Hz

Recording Frequency: 30 - 1000 Hz

Electronic Response Time: 0.04 ms

Dump Valve Response: 10 - 30 ms

Torque Control: +/- 1% of optimum

Turns Accuracy: < 0.1% per tong rotation

Computer Operating Temperature Range: 0 to 40 Deg C (32 to 104 Deg F)

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