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Maximise the accuracy of your iron roughnecks or make-break tools and remove guesswork by directly measuring the make-up torque being delivered to your connections.

Volant’s CRTi is designed for casing drilling or running with top drive equipped rigs to makeup, breakout, reciprocate, rotate, fill, circulate, and cement casing and liner strings, reducing non-productive time and associated costs.

The WITS™ is built with integrity and precision, making it reliable, accurate and easy to use. The WITS™ records with an accuracy of 0.5% of actual readings providing the operator better numbers to make better decisions.


AllTorque is bringing technology to the completions industry, so running casing, frac, or production strings is just as transparent as drilling a hole.

16' 350T c/w current MPI and Load Test

5-1/2" Clincher UHT Hydraulic Casing Tong
*Includes 6-1/4" Back-Up*

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