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Pistol Oilfield HPU 

The WITS™ is built with integrity and precision, making it reliable, accurate and easy to use. The WITS™ records with an accuracy of 0.5% of actual readings providing the operator better numbers to make better decisions.

Call for details on our New Hydraulic Power Units! 

Maximize the accuracy of your iron roughnecks or make-break tools and remove guesswork by directly measuring the make-up torque being delivered to your connections.

AllTorque is bringing technology to the completions industry, so running casing, frac, or production strings is just as transparent as drilling a hole.


*CAN be Refurbished*

HYC, SLX, Elevator Bails, Power Tongs,  Various Dies/Inserts, Quickie Protectors, Power Tong Heads, API Drifts, Slip Assemblies and MORE!



AMSOIL specializes in developing synthetic lubricants that offer innovative answers to the greatest challenges vehicles and equipment present. The extraordinary performance of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants in a range of markets – automotive, powersports, industrial, racing and more – has made their influence in the industry unmistakable and the brand highly respected.

*Done By API Certified 3rd Party*

HYC, SLX, Elevator Bails, Power Tongs, Dies/Inserts, Hydraulic Motors, API Drifts, Slip Assemblies and MORE!

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